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 Tuition Rates

Kidz University understands the need for a flexible schedule including vacation and sickness. Our rate structure is designed to allow a fair plan for your weekly childcare budget. (rates subject to change)

Under 2 years $179
2-3 years $156
3-5 years $151
School Age $80
Sleeping mat $35
Enrollment fee $50
Weekly Saving Deductions:
Sibling Discount $10
AutoPay $5


"Kidz University ensures that children are introduced to different activities that they might not encounter at home to expand their social skills. My daughter joined KU not speaking ten words, and almost a year later she is speaking in full sentences, has built her socializing skills and is a more friendly person. The educational atmosphere is guaranteed to have your child kindergarten ready. I would recommend KU because of the educational curriculum, loving staff and the supportive director for ensuring that we as parents are happy with our decision in choosing KU."
- Robin R.

"Kidz University has been a blessing to our family! My husband and I wanted a safe and nurturing environment for our children and Kidz University has been just that. My kids love it there and are very happy. I am pleased with the curriculum Kidz University has to offer. There is structure and organization and the kids always seem to have a lot of fun. It is a great feeling, as a working parent, to know that while you are at work, your children are well taken care of and having a good time!"
- Tracie M.

"In June of 2008 our family lost our daycare we had over four years. Our family searched for months to find a place to call ours. We searched all over Conway, nobody could compare until we found Kidz University. The kids love to go back to "school" now! You make learning fun! I can tell you - because I have searched far and wide - Kidz University is the only place to be."
- Debbie R.

"Our daughter has really come out of her shell! She loves KU and her teachers. She comes home everyday surprising us with all she is learning. She loves her computer class and loves to show us her skills! She is excited to go to school, which in my book, pits Kidz U at the top!"
- Carie

"My daughter passed the Kindergarten Readiness test with flying colors! The pre-screening was a breeze after graduating from Kidz University's Pre-K program."
- Amy C.

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